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Required Gear

Here is the official NCYFH checklist:

You must get a regulation field hockey stick, and it should be about the length of your player's distance-from-floor-to-hip-bone. You can find helpful "how to pick a stick" advice online.

Other mandatory safety equipment:

1) mouthguard (give your orthodontist a heads up!)
2) field hockey goggles (must meet ASTM Standard F2713 requirements)
3) field hockey shin guards

Athletes also need:

4) turf shoes, sneakers, or cleats
5) reusable water bottle
6) assigned pinney (at practice) or uniform (at games)

And finally,

  • Mark everything with your name
  • Pull back hair with soft hair ties (no clips or barrettes)
  • New this year: jewelry may be worn at practice or games, including recently pierced earrings
  • Keep our Water Tower Turf clean by following the "no food or drink" rules


New Canaan Youth Field Hockey is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that has taught the fundamentals of field hockey to our youth for 25 years. This is a developmental program open to ALL levels of ability with a focus on building skills, understanding game play, and team work.

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