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Frequently Asked Questions

We just cleaned out the mudroom. Can we donate our fancy sticks and gently used eye guards?

Absolutely, yes! We will put them in the loving arms of our newest superstars.

Do practices and games happen in inclement weather?

Field hockey is played in many conditions: hot or cold, rain and snow. Field time is priceless, and it is not possible to reschedule make-ups. Please dress your player appropriately for the weather and assume we are ON!

On a limited basis, practice might be cancelled or shortened at the coaches' discretion, up to 30 minutes before start time. Please look for email from your Team Manager when it's iffy; we will push alerts on LeagueApps Play. If the Town of New Canaan closes the fields because of unsafe conditions, all sports are cancelled. 

New Canaan Fields Hotline 203-594-3610

If practice is cancelled after the players are on the field, we will take cover at the entrance to the NCHS gym, where you can pick them up.

My player left something at the turf fields. Is there a Lost & Found?

Yes! Email and let us know what you lost. And check our Instagram for weekly Lost & Found posts. Any remaining items will be available for pick up at the End-of-Season Banquet, after which they will be donated.

It's game day. What do we need to know?

Athletes should check in with the coach 30 minutes before game time. Please allow ample time to travel to away games: travel time plus extra time to find the field when you arrive. Support our coaches by framing your daughter's expectations before the game: we need every player to arrive prepared with their gear and great attitude. At the field, the volunteer Game Parent is your point of contact for logistical issues.

What gear does my player need?

Your player must arrive with a great attitude and the following required gear 

Please help us manage our Lost and Found by marking everything with your name!

It's evaluations week. What can we expect?

Players are encouraged to attend all 3 sessions (two minimum.) Please arrive early to check-in, when your player will receive their uniform/practice pinney. Wear all required gear and tie back long hair. Wear your assigned practice pinney (with your allotted number.) Do not wear any branded clothing from other field hockey programs, clubs, or team.

Evaluations are closed: spectators are not permitted. The following criteria will be considered when evaluating athletes: technical skills, game sense, fitness, coachability, communication skills, & attitude.

What is the practice schedule for the fall program?

We know that our families have a lot of moving parts, so here is a tentative idea of the practice schedule for our fall program. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THIS TENTATIVE SCHEDULE. It takes time during the summer to secure coaches, and scheduling field time with the Town of New Canaan is a process. We know you are eager to hear the practice schedule -- we will share updates via email as soon as we have additional information, and when the practice schedule is announced it will be posted on the home page.

Grades 3-4 are scheduled to play Tuesday evenings 5:30-6:30pm and Saturday mornings 9:00-10:00am.   

Grades 5-8 will likely practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights between 5:30-9:00pm. Historically, this is the turf time that the NCYFH is allotted, and we requested the same days / times for Fall 2023. 

  • Grade 7-8 practices 3x per week, so your player will practice all of those nights
  • Grade 5-6 practices 2x per week, so your player will practice two of those 3 nights

The time slot will depend on 1) number of players registered, 2) our coaches' availability, 3) team placement.

We registered for the fall program. Now what?

You rock! Our all-volunteer NCYFH is working hard to make the magic happen. It takes time during the summer to secure coaches, and scheduling field time is a process. We know you are eager to hear the practice schedule -- we will share updates via email this summer, and when the practice schedule is announced, it will be posted on the home page.

Meanwhile, obtain your athlete's required gear, and plan to attend the NC Rams pre-season camp in August.

How do I choose the right size uniform?

We want all our players to feel comfortable and powerful in their uniforms. If you'd like to see how some sizes look on actual players, check out the NCYFH Size Guide. If you'd like to try on samples, Email

My player is new to the sport. Do you have a stick they can borrow for the first season?

We have a limited number of donated sticks and are happy to lend one until your player gets hooked on the greatest sport on the planet!

What is the refund policy?

Registrants who cancel before the first day of evaluations will receive a full refund, less any administrative fees and cost of the uniform. Registrants who withdraw on or after the first day of evaluations are subject to approval by the Board and will be prorated -- and no refunds will be issued except for relocation or an injury (medical note required.)

How can we unsubscribe from your email list?

Players grow up, families move, priorities and interests change! Log in to your NCYFH account and update your preferences. In addition, click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email blasts from NCYFH.

Do you offer financial aid?

New Canaan Youth Field Hockey does not want financial constraints limiting participation in any of our programs. If you require assistance with fees or equipment, send your confidential request to

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